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Hello, my name is Anastasia, I'm a marketing specialist living in Amman, Jordan. Trying to study Italian and Arabic. Interested in local restaurants and events.

jordanain arabic course

Jordanian Arabic Useful Words Course

During my 100 days of Jordanian Arabic course I have learned plenty of new words. Whoever tried to find resources to study the Arabic dialect, knows how hard it is to find something structured.

I have decided to help people who study Jordanian dialect and make a free course with top used words in Jordanian Arabic (3ammiya). This course was created out of my daily needs, I prepared long lists of words in English, whatever objects are around me, and my Arabic teacher helped me with the translation. There are over 1000 words in there, and there’s an audio made by a native Jordanian speaker to each word. I intentionally didn’t want to torture you with my Arabic pronunciation, as some of you study Jordanian dialect from abroad, without a lot of possibilities to listen Arabic talks in Jordan (even if you are in Jordan, you know how uneasy it is to follow up with the conversation in Arabic).

This course has more of a Amman city accent, as I live and work in Amman, it's so called "Modern Jordanian". It's also more suitable for women, as they tend to reduct ق sound to a glottal stop, if you are a man studying Jordanian Arabic, just keep it in mind.

I have included into this free Arabic course most of the daily life objects, and there's an audio for each word, made by a native speaker.

I also intentionally made this course and published it on a free platform (there is a paid option when you register – don’t get it, it doesn’t worth it if you are going to study non-European languages or customized courses), as I believe in a sort of a universal contribution. If it can help you with your Jordanian Arabic studies, I’ll be happy. You can also follow me at @mylifeinamman in Instagram, and write comments or direct messages.

I intentionally made the course free as I believe you have to give to the society back and share your knowledge with whoever needs it.

If you are going to use this course for studying Jordanian dialect, I have only one request to you: whether you see a mistyping or a missing audio, please contact me. It’s 99% ready, that’s why I decided to make it a public course. If you have a suggestion about the word – also don’t hesitate to write to me, together we can do it better.

My Jordanian Arabic Course

Anastasia Ivanovskaya

anastasia ivanovskaya

Living in Amman for 6 years, working as a marketing consultant for various companies. Besides marketing, I like languages, cooking and reading.