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Hello, my name is Anastasia, I'm a marketing specialist living in Amman, Jordan. Trying to study Italian and Arabic. Interested in local restaurants and events.

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Jordanian Arabic Courses: Deewan Institute

Due to COVID-19, many language schools in Amman are closed or moved online. I've explored and found several schools that have Jordanian Arabic courses, and one of them is Deewan Institute for languages and cultural studies. Located in Jabal Al Weibdeh, it's a cosy and comfortable space to study Arabic dialect in small groups. The conversational Arabic course will last 20 hours with two 2.5 hour classes per week (days/time according to student availability). The price for the Arabic course is 190JD + 25JD for the curriculum.

They will start their Jordanian Arabic course for beginners on Thu, 20/08/2020, check more on their Fb and Instagram pages. The course prepares students for daily conversations, and helps teach students how to put their learning into practice in real situations, using the spoken Arabic (Ammiyeh) used in the Levant area.

The price for the Jordanian dialect course is 190JD + 25JD for the curriculum.

The book they are using is called The Comprehensive Guide to Levantine Arabic, you can check the contents and buy it in Amazon. It was written by the director of Deewan Institute, Mohammad Ayaseh. There’s a great focus on memorizing Arabic letters and the phonetics part, as well as an initial vocabulary build-up (check more pages in the video).

I’ve previously had an Arabic calligraphy class with them, and I found their working space comfortable and cosy, with a soothing Weibdeh vibe. Check them also for other activities on Facebook.

If you know Arabic on an intermediate level, or you know Arabic alphabet already and willing to continue with your Jordanian Arabic, you can also check my free Arabic vocabulary course on Memrise. Don't hesitate to DM me about your current studies of Jordanian dialect to my Instagram mylifeinamman!

Anastasia Ivanovskaya

anastasia ivanovskaya

Living in Amman for 6 years, working as a marketing consultant for various companies. Besides marketing, I like languages, cooking and reading.