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Hello, my name is Anastasia, I'm a marketing specialist living in Amman, Jordan. Trying to study Italian and Arabic. Interested in local restaurants and events.

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Jordanian Arabic in 100 Days

This year I’ve started with 100 days of Jordanian Arabic, Feb-May, it was intense and fun. I have seen a post in Telegram from Alan Bigulov, whose aim is to learn 10 languages in 1000 days. He has already studied Hindi, Persian, Italian and other languages, every 100 days he starts a new language, supporting the previous languages he has learnt. His method seemed interesting to me and I’ve enrolled to know more about it.

The name of the course is “An Introduction to Speaking Practice” and entirely focused on speaking skills. The primary idea is about getting a certain topic, build a set of dialogues for it and learn them by heart. The second essential point – you have to get a good teacher, preferably native speaker, ready to follow with you through the program. It’s very important to find a teacher who is interesting for you as a person, as your relation will be built on a conversational level. If you are not interested in your speaking partner, you won’t be able to grow and improve your speaking skills.

I had a solid gap in studying Arabic and my previous 12 week attempt was cool and intense but definitely not enough to overcome the shyness and the habit of speaking English everywhere.

I have also created a free Jordanian Arabic course with most useful words about the daily life, you can read about it and get a link here.

I would say it was a big breakthrough for me, as I committed myself to 100 days and focused on a speaking part which was always the hardest for me.

In total it was over 200 hours per 100 days, around 2 hours of everyday studies. I’m satisfied with the result; I had a solid amount of speaking practice and I’m going to continue with it.

If you have any questions related to the program, please DM me in Instagram or Facebook, I’ll be glad to discuss it with you.

Anastasia Ivanovskaya

anastasia ivanovskaya

Living in Amman for 6 years, working as a marketing consultant for various companies. Besides marketing, I like languages, cooking and reading.