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Hello, my name is Anastasia, I'm a marketing specialist living in Amman, Jordan. Trying to study Italian and Arabic. Interested in local restaurants and events.

5 Things to Do During Ramadan in Amman

It's hard to be a foreigner in Amman and not to get overwhelmed during Ramadan time. You feel a constant pressure when you are not fasting, like you don't belong to the rest of the society. The kitchen in the office is mostly closed, to drink a glass of water is turning into a challenge. Moreover, we finally have summer temperatures in Amman, and it's really affecting your mood and regular activities.

I have chosen 5 things to do in Amman during Ramadan 2019. These are my favourite places in the city I highly recommend. These activities and places make my life in Amman better and help me to keep up with my weekly routine.


Have Breakfast at Cafe Gourmand

If you ask me where to go for a quiet Friday breakfast in Amman, I'd immediately reply "Cafe Gourmand". It's one of the underestimated places to eat in the city, and I always wonder why we even still come there without a booking. ;) Probably people would like to keep it for themselves, instead of leaving positive reviews, who knows. They have two branches, in Taj Mall and The Boulevard. I prefer the one in Abdali, yet it's simply close to my house. Unfortunately they have started to serve shisha during Ramadan, yet if you come for breakfast, you will have less chances someone will choke you with the smoke. Also try their bagels and espresso!

My choice at Cafe Gourmand is Eggs Benedict, yet their Arabic breakfasts or Continental ones are awesome.


Choose Your Perfect Cheese at Mistaka

This is one of my latest discoveries in Amman that I keep telling to everyone about. Mistaka produces artisanal cheeses and dairy products from the freshest sheep milk. And they have an open house for the cheese tasting and buying, every Saturday, 11am-2pm, in Abdoun area.

I seriously think Mistaka has changed my quality of life. Now it's easy to have ricotta for breakfast, labaneh or yoghurt for a quick meal.

If you think you have eaten halloumi before, try it at Mistaka. Just don't blame me later you can't eat other cheeses and dairy anymore!


Have a Homemade Lunch by using BasketJo Delivery

I'm a fan of online delivery. The less people I see during the day, the better. And during Ramadan you definitely don't want to go out shopping. With BasketJo app you can choose food delivery from the nearest supermarkets in your city area. It's nicely packed into BasketJo green bags, not squeezed, and carefully weighted, you can pay cash on delivery. You can fill the whole fridge, or get a missing item for your cake (that's what I do sometimes), and cook anytime during the day, from the freshest products available.

The first delivery in Amman is for free, and during Ramadan it's from 4JD per delivery.

Don't drag a cool watermelon from the shop, order BasketJo delivery, it's a time saver!


Have a Drink with Friends at Snug

Snug is a new bar in Amman, we have visited it several times with friends and each time we had a great time together. A wooden interior with the addition of green colours makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. This year they have Happy Hour from midday until 7pm, 35% discount on your total bill.

Snug Nachos are very tasty, as they make out of real potatoes (and I'm a nachos hater).


Have Dinner at Spago Italian Restaurant

Spago Italian Restaurant is one of a few in Amman that you would definitely like to come back. It's a very modern space in a Manhattan style - high ceilings, matte black interior with an impressive bar area and airy terrace. Their goat cheese salad with mango is fantastic, and their mushroom risotto is definitely perfect.

During Ramadan Spago Italian Restaurant has an extended Happy Hour, from 11am till 6pm, so you definitely can go there right after work and still make your order with a 25% discount. And they have a special Iftar menu, 5 courses for 22JD++, every day they slightly change the dishes set (seabass or salmon, pasta varieties, soup of the day), so you can visit it several times and be pleasantly surprised.

I also would like to mention their homemade sourdough bread, it makes me cry there's such a delight in the world!

P.S. And of course I should mention Non-Fasting Ramadan Guide made by Tipntag team, as it's important to know as many great places as possible.

Anastasia Ivanovskaya

anastasia ivanovskaya

Living in Amman for 6 years, working as a marketing consultant for various companies. Besides marketing, I like languages, cooking and reading.